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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Abnormality continues...

Hi, there!

I've just posted the sixth instalment of ABNORMAL, for your delectation.


Hope you like it.

As ever, thanks for reading :0))

Can you do me a favour though and attempt to JOIN this blog? It's as simple as clicking 'Join'...

There will be no repercussions, commitments or even awkward questions asked. Not from me anyway. It's possible that you might have to register with Google but they won't ask you for your pant size. I hope.

I'd really appreciate it anyway because, for this to succeed, it needs to be seen to be being read - if you get my drift.

Please comment too, I think that's even easier now!

Newbies will find ABNORMAL under 'The Novel' - which is TOP RIGHT of this Blog!

And please spread the word on this. I really do appreciate (and need) it. I'm not only doing this for my health :0))

And (whilst I'm begging) please LIKE my facebook page too!!


Love you forever,


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