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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sorry that the latest instalment of ABNORMAL is slightly late.

But surely it's worth it?!


Bit longer than the last instalments too.

As ever, thanks for continuing to read :0))

Please try JOINING if you can. I really appreciate your sterling commitment!

I welcome all comments too.

Perhaps you can tell me if this chunk is too long, or better for being longer and thereby allowing for a greater opportunity for immersion (and I don't mean heaters.)

Is anyone finding that fortnightly instalments means that you've forgotten what's gone before?

Just a thought...

Newbies will find ABNORMAL under 'The Novel' - which is at the TOP RIGHT of this Blog!

And please SPREAD THE WORDS ;)

And (whilst I'm begging) please LIKE my facebook page too!!


Love you ALWAYS,


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