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Monday, 25 February 2013

Weird Manoeuvrings...

Hi there!

I'm sorry that the latest instalment of ABNORMAL is a little tardy.. I'm sure that no one really minds but me. I like to meet my targets.

Looking back, I'd forgotten that I'd already extended 'posting intervals' from 10 days to 2 weeks (sometime last year), and now I'm tentatively proposing a three week interval instead. Hmmmm.

While it's great for me to have a bit more time to put together the next instalment (sanity-saving), I'm not sure that it's completely fair on the reader. My stalwart supporters/readers are saying that it's fine (read: get a life) and that it's well worth waiting for, even. Bravo, lovely readers! I'm just worried that people might drift away or forget what's happening.

Suppose it depends on how you read.

I know some people are saving up instalments to read it all in one go because they don't much favour tiny nibbles of a carrot. I have no idea how I would receive this format/delivery of a novel myself. I've yet to read a book in instalments.

Anyway, thanks for your ongoing support. I'm going to try my best to deliver at fortnightly intervals still, or thereabouts. (Don't want to give myself room to put my feet up, God forbid.)

I will try to post something more interesting in this space next time. Like maybe some general whingeing about writing, about life, about monkeys, perhaps. That'd be nice, actually. But don't hold your breath.





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