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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

ABNORMAL - One Year On


I’ve been writing ABNORMAL for over a year now... and I thought I’d ask myself (& you guys):

How’s it going? Where’s it going? When might all this mayhem end?


From my point of view the project hasn’t gone too badly – so far, at least! The actual shape of the story has turned out better than I’d hoped, with some unexpected plot elements taking (even) me by surprise.

But what do you think?!

The pressure of ensuring that a decently-dressed piece of narrative is ready, and posted roughly every fortnight, has been much harder to cope with. It’s meant me striving to get slightly ahead when other commitments (or irresponsibly-taken holidays) have poked their noses in, and/or rushing like buggery to catch up when I’ve failed to do this in advance. All whilst paying close allegiance to quality. This means a constant shortage of time, whatever the circumstances. Which means not enough publicising of ABNORMAL which, in turn, means I simply haven’t got the word out far enough.

But I’m still glad to have done it. It’s an ongoing experience, a challenge and an eye-opener. It’s been nice not to have to write in isolation, for a change, it’s been sociable. It’s been good to have regular feedback and support, which I’ve really appreciated.

Where to & When?

If ABNORMAL was destined to be a full length contemporary novel (which was kind of, roughly, my intention) then I’d be aiming to write about 100,000 words.

This would mean that, at this point in time, I’m about halfway through. Yes, that’s all! Even after a whole year of attentive dedication...  But this actually seems realistic to me because it normally takes me at least two years to write a book. I'm therefore roughly on target.

However, I’m not sure that ABNORMAL is completely normal. Or whether it really ought to be.

It may break some rules. It doesn’t have to play the game. It can do what it likes. Don’t you think?

In reality it’s likely to be shorter than a traditional 100K word book. In January 2013 I calculated that I had enough plot (& this is a very rough estimate because it flexes as it goes) for about 70,000 words. Now, it may be slightly more than that but I haven’t had time to properly tally up. So, who knows?

I guess it will have to remain a surprise.

But please tell me what YOU think / expect / would like?

Just tell me anything J

Oh yes, and before I forget! I made a couple of changes to the bits about Rainbow's mother in the last instalment. Please therefore re-read the sections (I think there are only 2) that mention her. Apologies for the subtle changes (barely noticeable, to be honest.) But a slight cock-up that had to be corrected J

25th instalment of ABNORMAL below!

Or read the whole novel to date:



p.s.  New (rehashed) article on the wonderful wikiwormmagazine website: here

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