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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 differences between UK frogs & toads... (that I know from being an amphibian nerd)

And everyone needs to know this of course:

1 - Toads walk whilst frogs will jump (easy one first, you knew that already, yes?)

2 - Frogs lay spawn clumps in the shallows; toads lay strings in the deep water around weed

3 - Toad tadpoles are black with stumpier tails, frogpoles are lighter, bigger, speckly, shy

4 - Frogs have a black 'eye patch' and have spots or stripes (like pool balls)

5 - Toads are nobbly, lumpy-looking things and are dull brown in colour

6 - Frogs have more pointy faces whilst toads have a more rounded smile :)

7 - Frogs usually live in or near the pond whilst toads wander off, living up to maybe a mile away

8 - Frogs & toads return to their birth pond to breed but the toads are covering great distances!

9 - Male toads squeak when other males amorously mount them, frogs say: "get the fuck off me, mate"

10 - Sometimes fish get caught in the fray as this video demonstrates. Fish don't squeak and this is their downfall, in this situation...

And after that educational programme, you'll be wanting some light entertainment to read?

And I have just the thing.....


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