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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Be A Bestseller Novel Competition 2014 #beabestseller

I've found a subject to briefly talk about, (being as I've written nothing on the blog in ages.)
ITV's This Morning and Curtis Brown Literary Agents are running a Competition for novel writers, called Be A Bestseller.
The competition only runs for a mere 10 days!
I was keen to enter until I spotted the fact that the finalists have to go on TV.
Now it's not that I expect to be a finalist, obviously, but when you're not the sort of person who would voluntarily step into the limelight, these horrific eventualities must be considered.
My first thought was therefore: There is no way on earth that I'm entering this competition.
But I continued reading about it anyway...
I noticed that it was free to enter. That I could win a place on a Creative Writing Course. I could end up being represented by Curtis Brown (with whom I have had communications before)...
Ultimately I could end up with my book being published.
I already have a shapely 3000 words of ABNORMAL edited, plus a synopsis that just needs trimming. Is it ridiculous to be too scared to enter?
I wonder how many other writers won't enter for the very same reasons.
A lot, methinks.

So I HAVE to enter, don't I?


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  1. Don't give the TV issue a thought, worry about that bit only when you have to.If you don't enter then you will never know what door would have opened for you. Go for it what have you got to lose? Plus the fact your gorgeous so head up and get a wiggle on. xx

    1. Ahhhh, you are so nice. This is what my family said too! (Apart from the last bit). Lots of love to you, hope you are ok :) xx