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Friday, 19 April 2013

How to meet a stringent deadline?

1 - Don't write an online novel from scratch in instalments

2 - Don't sit around eating meals, wasting time. Get back to tippy-tapping!

3 - Use wetwipes and dry shampoo instead of bothering to shower

4 - Don't selfishly enjoy your weekend! Cuff yourself to your desk

5 - Ask you boyfriend/girlfriend to box your ears if you try to leave the house

6 - Manage time more effectively - Learn to weave your dreams into prose as you sleep

7 - If you have a day job, poo at work

8 - Stop cooking! Eat microwaveable horse-burgers for a while and ignore the spots

9 - If you run out of dry shampoo, shave your head and spray your skull with perfume

10 - Scrap the stupid book and become a gardener

Obscenely late Instalment 17 is now quaking on the blog!

Whole book:


Or go straight to Instalment 17:


And pleeeeeeese like my f/b page, it's seen no loving action in months:


SJS :)


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