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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Nottingham Writers' Conference 2015


Haven't blogged for so long that I struggled to open a new post

Not good

The editing of Abnormal is going okay though - hence my lengthy absence

I went to the #wemconf2015 WEM Writers' Conference 2015 last weekend with the lovely Cat Roberts-Young

Similar format to last year. Here is a taster in pictures:
Writers Tracey Holland(@auroranemesis)& Cat Roberts-Young(@catcopycreative)

Meeting other writers :)

Mingling WEM peoples

The Goody Bag table - (Keep calling them Doggy Bags. Similarly tasty, perhaps)

WEM Doggy Bags

A quick selfie whilst waiting for the next talk...


Maureen Duffy - Keynote Speaker - delivers an interesting writer-reality-check talk.
'Don't give up the day job'

Maureen Duffy

The talk on Freedom to Write was thought-provoking. Writers' responsibilities and considerations - particularly in lieu of the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy. I also listened to an entertaining natter on Writing Humour/Satire (something I do need help with). And the final talk my little brain strained to absorb was the gritty Nuts and Bolts of Writing. All useful and well put-together stuff :) 

Self-censorship talk

Author Alison McQueen and Literary Agent from Lucas Alexander Whitley - Ben Clark (@BenjaminBenamor)
The ever-popular Agenty talk

Now Cat and I will say Goodbye. (Aha, poet not novelist!)




  1. I must go next year. I'd be interested to know if they decided whether an agent was important or not! Good luck with your editing. Have you thought about a professional critique. I was amazed at the suggestions I was given by going through this process and I believe it definitely improved my novel. xx

    1. Hiya Ange! Yes, go next year! (Although I was going to boycott it for not getting a 1 to1!!) They do seem to stress, as do most of the publishing industry, the importance of the agent still. Despite the fact that everyone can self-publish now. I suppose it depends how far you want to take your writing. I presume an agent can still take you higher/further. Anyway, yes, I had a critique done on book number two and, I agree completely, it was so useful. I took loads of things from it into the next book I wrote. Book 2 needed too much work to improve it so I started a better one. Hope to see you soon! Thanks for commenting :) xx